Labatt Blue De-Alcoholized Pilsener, Eh?

Posted by Andy Gradel | New Brews | Friday, 30 May 2008

LabattI feel a little funny including this blurb, but it is technically beer. I guess it’s sort of like running a coffee blog and having to include info about decaf…

That aside, if you’re looking to toss back a few this Summer but don’t want to worry about the drive home, you might actually have a decent non-alcoholic alternative thanks to our friends up north.

Labatt has launched Labatt Blue De-Alcoholized Pilsener and is currently rolling it out across Canada at Macs Milk stores. While the name sounds like the least-sexy thing they could have possibly come up with (how much of a dork would you feel like ordering THAT at a bar?), the new brew does check in at a mere 0.5 abv and has 50 calories.

The beer will also be at available at A&P, Dominion, Food Basics and Loeb stories throughout Canada by the end of June and Loblaws in early July with a six-pack selling for $8.59. No word yet on when it’ll be hitting the U.S., but I’m sure we’ll be seeing it at our favorite liquor stores soon enough.


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